Dry shampoo for those who hate dry shampoo

Dry Shampoo for Those Who Hate Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo: A Girl’s Best Friend

The hair industry is saturated with dry shampoos that range from aerosol sprays to powders. It can be really challenging to find a dry shampoo that isn’t messy or leaves your hair chalky white, which can leave your hair feeling more dirty than when you started. Dry shampoos unfortunately got a bad reputation!

A good dry shampoo should really be a girl’s best friend especially when you have hair extensions. If you have or have ever worn hair extensions you know the struggle is real.

A good dry shampoo is like a magic hair wand granting you those extra moments in the morning made for sipping coffee and getting ready for your day.

Late Nights Dry Shampoo is the perfect dry shampoo for those who hate dry shampoo. It is a light and airy formula that instantly softens, refreshes and volumizes second (or third day) hair without a gritty or sticky texture feel. Late Nights helps to deodorize hair and neutralize oily areas. It sprays on clear and is great for all hair colors. Your new BFF is designed to help extend the life of extensions, color and Keratin treatments by reducing your shampoo frequency.

The best way to use Late Nights is to start by brushing hair with a boar’s bristle hair brush. Next shake your can. Focus on your scalp to remove and distribute excess oil into the hair. Spray 2 to 3 bursts from scalp to ends. Use your fingertips in a back and forth motion to massage into scalp. Then brush with your boar’s bristle brush from your scalp to your ends to distribute through your hair. If needed, use Happy Hour Dry Conditioner mid-shaft down. Style and SLAY as usual!

Dry shampoo doesn’t have to be your enemy it should actually be a girl’s BFF. Late Nights is just that, a BFF for life because long hair or dirty hair don’t care until it’s time to shampoo!