Chemical Love Affair Hair Mask for the Chemically Dependent

Chemical Love Affair Hair Mask for the Chemically Dependent

The majority of hair masks are designed for dry or color damaged hair and can weigh down thin fine hair!

Even thin fine hair can become brittle or dry and can use a good hair mask from time to time. Between monthly color appointments, hot tools, extensions, keratin treatments, Mother Nature, the chances of damage and lack luster hair is a huge concern for many women!

Unfortunately there hasn’t been a deep conditioning treatment that caters to different hair types, extension services and keratin treatments. UNTIL now.

Chemical Love Affair is a Keratin infused conditioning treatment designed as a daily conditioner for extensions, or as a deep conditioning masque for your own hair, even thin fine hair. Keratin and proteins help control frizz, restore moisture, reduce breakage, and extend the life human hair extensions, color and Keratin treatments.

Daily Extension Use: After Washing, apply mid-shaft down. Leave on 1-2 minutes depending on length.

Mask Use: After Washing, apply mid-shaft down. Make sure that hair is not “soaking wet” as this can keep the hair from absorbing the 12 different Botanical Extracts and Keratin. Leave  Chemical Love Affair on for ten minutes and rinse thoroughly.

To avoid the slipping of your extensions or weighing down your natural hair make sure to avoid the scalp and all extension attachments.

PRO TIP:  For extra conditioning for thirsty hair extensions, you can use Chemical Love Affair as a Hair Mask.

All you have to do is apply Chemical Love Affair to towel dried hair. Next carefully comb through with a detangling brush. Then clip up your hair and put on a plastic cap. Big Kizzy recommends that you this hair mask on for 10-15 minutes and then thoroughly rinse.  You can complete your look by using the desired amount of Big Kizzy Split Personality. Last but not least style as desired!