The Ultimate Shampoo For Thickness and Hair Extensions

The Ultimate Shampoo For Thickness and Hair Extensions

Thin, fine hair? Wear extensions? Ready to use a shampoo designed to enhance your extension experience AND care for your own natural hair?

For thousands of years beautiful thick hair has been considered a symbol of youth and vitality. A recent consumer survey by John Freida said that 56 percent of women said a lack of volume is THEIR BIGGEST HAIR DISAPPOINTMENT! The Jury has spoken-women want shampoo for thickness!

Millions of women suffer from fine thin hair and look to multiple solutions to alleviate their fine thin hair. These solutions range from hair extensions to hair care lines that specialize in volumizing thin hair.

The modern day woman navigates multiple services and multiple hair care lines for their hair demands. It can be tricky out there, because what might be great for one service could SPELL DISASTER for another.

Avoid A Hair Emergency With These Simple Tips:

Hair extensions, can be a tricky thing to care for. The last thing you want to do is cause your extensions to slip or worse fall out. The right shampoo is soooooo important. Now imagine you are a client that has thin fine hair, extensions and or a keratin treatment-What do you do?

What works for your keratin is definitely not going to work for your extensions and what works for your extensions is going to weigh down your thin fine hair!!! What's most important is servicing a happy REPEAT client that leaves the salon with the RIGHT product that can navigate multiple services.

F.A.T.T. Shampoo was created out of a HUGE VOID in the hair industry for the woman that navigates multiple salon services. All of Big Kizzy's products were created by salon owner, tape extension creator and stylist Christopher Box. Despite carrying multiple high end lines at his in demand Dallas salon they lacked one thing-they COULDN'T navigate the multiple services his clients had.

F.A.T.T. Shampoo was designed for fragile colored hair and the unique need of extensions and or Keratin treatments. F.A.T.T. shampoo is fortified with Biotin, ProVitamin B5 and a cocktail of seven botanical extracts.

Whoop deeeee dooooo - what does all that mean for YOU?

Well for starters, biotin is a key contributor to hair regrowth. When your hair gets dry, it's hard for extra skin cells to be removed from your hair follicle. This can interrupt your regrowth cycle. Hair is made of protein and adding biotin can help your hair to utilize amino acids and get the most out of its proteins.

When using F.A.T.T. Shampoo, your scalp will be re-hydrated without weighing down thin fine hair or causing your extensions to slip or strip Keratin Treatments from your hair. With regular use of F.A.T.T. Shampoo your hair will look and feel healthier and thicker minus the HAIR 911.

So go BIG KIZZY or go home!!!