Hair Extension Tape




As a salon owner (and arguably one of the creators of one of the first tape hair extension brands on the market) I have often thought – THERE HAS GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY! Finding great hair extension tape is a lot harder than you think. But dont worry, you came to the right place.


We worked with several brands of tape extensions at my salon – all with their own tape. Some of their tapes for extensions were pretty good. Some of it not so much. All of it overpriced! The worst was not being able to provide my clients with a consistent experience. 


If they switched hair extension tape extension brands – the tape switched too. Often times, I ran into issues with the tape slipping. Or worse, it was way too strong for their hair type – which made it difficult hard to remove! 


Turns out that tape for extensions is like most things in life – it shouldn’t be one size fits all! I began experimenting with different kinds of hair extension tape. It took several years and A LOT OF TAPE EXTENSION APPLICATIONS to finally narrow it down to what would eventually become BIG KIZZY® Regular Hold Double Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs. 



Our hair extension tape was developed by hairdressers for use in a very busy hair extension salon. Big Kizzy Hair Extension Tape needed to be extremely durable, however, it also needed to be easy to remove with no residue. 

Since then, BIG KIZZY® has been used in thousands and thousands of tape in extension re-applications. Our users know that they are getting the best tape tabs for hair extensions.

Big Kizzy Hair Extension Tape delivers this and a whole lot more. Included with your purchase is a super secret cheat sheet that includes: 

- Application/Reapplication Instructions 

- How to Style and Care for Tape Hair Extensions 

- Removal Tips 



Eventually, we designed our Extra Hold Double Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs for thicker hair needing a stronger hold. Even with the strong hold, this hair extension tape leaves very little residue behind.

We also developed our Extra Hold Single Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs for thin hair or for when you want to make a pack of tape in hair extensions go further. 


Developed, tested and used daily by hairdressers.

100% Money Back Guarantee. Not happy? Return it for a full refund. 

BONUS: Pro Tips & Cheat Sheet: Detailed application instructions, care and blowout recommendations and removal tips included. 


Double Sided Adhesive Hair Extension Tape, Pre-Cut Tape Tabs Ready to Use. Non Damaging & Hypoallergenic. Tapes for Extensions.


Being a veteran in the hair extension industry I think it’s safe to say I’ve tried every application method of extensions (tape in extensions are my favorite hands down). I’ve also tried every type of tape, believe me when I say I’ve learned the hard way that not all tape is created equal, you definitely get what you pay for.” 

– Karen S.

I’ve had experience with some of the other brands. I won’t bash any in particular but generally the cheaper the tape price wise, the faster it was slipping or falling out of my hair, most cases within the first shampoo. Kizzy is AMAZE. Definitely has the staying power to keep up with everything I put my extensions through (I put them through a lot).”

– Jennifer J.

"Perfect fit! Holds super well! Better than high price tape bought through brand extension sites!!"

– Christina P.

Ever wonder why tape extensions slip or fall out?

Other tape in hair extension brands use an inexpensive hair extension tape that just can’t keep up with today’s lifestyles. Most people wearing tape in hair extensions aren’t properly educated on how to take care of them while wearing them. 


There are definitely some things you need to know to make sure your hair extensions stay your little secretWhether you are a hair pro or an extension addict – Big Kizzy Hair Extension Tape will bring your extension application to a whole new level. 


Christopher Box | Stylist & Extension Expert