What is the Best Extension Tape for Hairtalk Extensions?

What is the Best Extension Tape for Hairtalk Extensions?

When your tresses are in need of a major makeover, it’s time for a hair upgrade! One of the quickest ways to boost volume and achieve extra length is using tape-in hair extensions. We love a hair extension with tape because it makes application super easy and seamless. Whether you’re a professional stylist or DIY hair guru, tape-in extensions are always a fave. The next question you might have is, “What are some of the best tape in extension brands?” There are so many different fab brands out there—it’s hard to choose!  

Hairtalk hair extensions are one of the top brands with plenty of options for all hair needs (we’ve seen a lot of positive Hairtalk extensions reviews, so see what works best for you or your client!). If you go with tape-in, you’ll need to stock up on hair tape to go with the Hairtalk extensions, which we’ll cover ahead. First, let’s learn a bit more about Hairtalk, and then we’ll give you our hair tape recs. Stick around, our Big Kizzy hair experts are here to help!  

What Are the Benefits of Hair Extensions from Hairtalk? 

Hairtalk hair extensions are geared toward stylists with their professional hair extension collections. One of their big selling points is the ability to customize their extensions based on the stylists’ clients and what they want for the final look. If you’re a stylist, Hairtalk extensions will be a fantastic option for your hair extension clients! 

Hairtalk specializes in tape-in hair extensions but also carries other hair extension methods like keratin bonded and weft hair extensions (take a look at the Hairtalk extensions reviews to get a better idea of which type is best for you or your client!). You can rest assured that Hairtalk hair extensions are made of the highest quality Remy human hair for soft and natural-looking strands.   

If you’re looking for variety, Hairtalk extensions offer colors and lengths to accommodate any hair request. There are nine different hair extension with tape variations to choose from for the ultimate customized experience. With 80+ color options, for the tape-in hair extensions that range from balayage and rooted to naturals and blondes. You can also find pops of color and fantasy synthetic blends for a bold and bright look. Lengths for their tape-in extensions come in 13”, 17”, 21”, and 23”.  

How Long Do Hairtalk Hair Extensions Last?  

Knowing that Hairtalk extensions are made with 100% Remy human hair, they should last anywhere from six to twelve months before they’ll need to be replaced. How long they last depends on your haircare routine and the products you use on the extensions. We always recommend using products that are specially formulated to be safe for use on hair extensions (all of our haircare products at Big Kizzy are hair extension safe!).   

Keep in mind you’ll have to remove and reapply hair extension with tape every four to eight weeks using a remover solvent (and yes, Hairtalk hair extensions are reusable and can be reapplied two to three times). This all depends on how fast your hair grows, how well you’ve maintained it, and the type of tape you use. Now, you need the best hair tape for your Hairtalk extensions, we’ll cover that next!  

Find The Best Hair Extension with Tape Products by Big Kizzy  

Our hair tape is compatible with all of the best tape in extension brands, including Hairtalk extensions! For a long-lasting hold that works seamlessly with Hairtalk hair extensions, we have the perfect tape to use. If you’re looking for a high-quality tape you can count on, look no further than Big Kizzy!  Our line of Original Brown Hair Extension Replacement Tape comes in the classic brown tape that Hairtalk is well known for, but at a more affordable price. 

Original Brown Double Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs– This tape offers the perfect combination of strength and durability! Use this tape on normal to thin or fine hair types. Expect this tape to hold for 5+ weeks until it’s time to remove and reapply.  

Original Brown Single Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs– Looking for hair tape that suits fine or thin hair types? Single-sided tape allows you to use fewer hair extension wefts for application. The less weight on delicate strands, the better (check out our blog on single-sided tape vs double-sided tape for more info!).  

Once you’ve stocked up on all of the hair tape you need, make sure to grab your other extension essentials. From removers to tools and hair care products, find everything you need with Big Kizzy. If you need help deciding which hair tape to go with, contact us, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction!