How Can I Remove Hair Extension Glue at Home?

How Can I Remove Hair Extension Glue at Home Without Damage?

If you’re like us, you're also obsessed with hair extensions (welcome to the club!). One of our favorite hair extension methods is tape-in. They’re easy to apply and remove, plus they work with a range of hair types! Being able to use fewer wefts with single-sided tape vs. double-sided tape gives an option for those with fine hair. There’s also an option to use extra hold tape for thicker hair and regular hold for normal to thin hair.   

With all of the choices for hair extension glue to apply tape-in extensions, there’s also an array of hair extension glue remover solutions to go with it. If you’re wondering, “How can I remove hair extension glue at home without damage?” The first step is learning how to remove those extensions the right way. The second step is finding the best hair extension glue remover for your extensions. Our hair extension experts at Big Kizzy are here to help you with both!  

Step-By-Step Guide for Damage-Free Hair Extension Glue Removal  

After you’ve had your tape-in hair extensions in for a few weeks, it’s time for removal and reapplication! We’re here to answer the question: “How can I remove hair extension glue at home without damage?” First, let’s go over the proper way to remove tape-in extensions. Knowing how to remove hair extension glue without damaging your strands is all in the removal process!  

Prep Your Hair for Extension Removal   

Before removing your tape-in extensions, you want to have hair that’s free from knots or matting. Brush out your hair gently to get rid of any tangles. Use a brush that’s designed specifically for hair extensions or a boar bristle brush. You can also use a detangling comb if needed (but always be very careful not to pull or tug on your hair!)  

Use a Remover that Works Best for Your Extensions 

As we mentioned earlier, you need to find a hair extension glue remover formulated for the type of hair extension glue you used for application. Some hair tapes are more effectively removed with alcohol vs. oil-based removers; it all depends on preference as well as the glue’s strength and properties. The key is to do your research to find out which one you need to use (stick around, and we’ll help you find the best one after this!).  

Give the Remover Enough Time to Soak into the Adhesive 

Once you find a suitable remover solution, spray it directly on the hair extension adhesive. Then, allow the remover to drip down into the hair extension glue and soak for as long as it directs you to on the bottle (usually, this is anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute). This part is crucial to avoid damaging your hair! If you don’t wait for it to start dissolving the adhesive, you’ll be tugging and pulling at your hair to get the extensions loose. That’s a surefire way to cause damage to your strands!   

Use an Additional Remover Solution to Get Rid of Residue  

After you gently remove the hair extensions, you might see some residue left behind in the natural hair or extensions. Use a specially formulated residue remover designed to get rid of residue left in the hair. This will help to loosen the residue so you can run a comb through it to remove it. Repeat this in any other areas that have stubborn residue.   

Wash and Condition Your Hair to Rinse Out Remover 

After removing the remaining hair extension glue and residue from your tresses, it’s time to wash and condition your strands. Use a cleansing shampoo that’s safe for extensions to rinse away any remaining adhesive or remover from the hair. Then, add some moisturizing conditioner to hydrate your locks. Rinse your hair with cold water to seal the cuticles and keep your hair healthy and damage-free.   

The Best Hair Extension Glue Remover for Tape-In Extensions 

Now that you know the answer to “How can I remove hair extension glue at home without damage?” let’s go over the removers! Each one of our removers is unique in its own way. Take a look at our options to see what will work best for your hair extensions.  

Tape-In Remover Solutions 

Remover 1: Tape Remover – The first step to our signature trio of removers. This oil-free alcohol-based remover neutralizes tape-in hair extension adhesive, so they’re easy to remove.  


Remover 2: Residue Remover – The second step in the trio is our oil-based, alcohol-free remover for any leftover adhesive residue in the hair. Spray this on the hair anywhere where you see residue left behind!   


Remover 3: Conditioning Remover – And finally, for the stubborn residue that won’t seem to unstick, use this remover, which also works to condition your tresses.    

Pro Remover™ – Alcohol-based remover that is comparable to Bellami, Hairtalk, Hotheads, or Glam Seamless extension removers.  

Blue Bond Remover™ – Alcohol-based remover that is comparable to Babe and Donna Bella extension removers.    


Purple Bond Remover™ – Alcohol-based remover that is comparable to Babe and Donna Bella extension removers.    


Bond Breaker Remover™ – Oil-based remover that is comparable to Babe and Donna Bella extension removers.   


Yellow Remover™ –  Oil-based remover that is comparable to Beautify C22 and Zala extension removers.    

What it all comes down to is choosing the best remover and sticking to the correct removal process. Then, you can enjoy having tape-in extensions without worrying about damage when removing them. You can find all of these removers, along with hair tape, hair care products, and more, at the Big Kizzy shop