Must-Have Extension Tape for Beauty Works Hair Extensions

Must-Have Extension Tape for Beauty Works Hair Extensions

Finding the right hair extensions is the first part of your journey to hair perfection! Lengthy strands and pumped-up volume will soon be yours. One of our favorite types of hair extensions happens to be tape-in. They’re a great option for those new to extensions or even seasoned extension veterans. If you have tape-in Beauty Works hair extensions, we have the hair tape tabs to go with them!   

We specialize in all things extensions at Big Kizzy, which means we have every type of extension tape you could ever need! We’ve designed our products to work with the most popular hair extension brands (at a more affordable price without compromising the quality!). For those of you using Beauty Works extensions, we’ll give you a rundown of the brand and which tapes work best with their tape-ins. Let’s get into it!   

Everything You Need to Know About Beauty Works Extensions 

The UK-based Beauty Works hair extensions are making waves across the pond with their extensive collection. They use 100% Remy human hair for all of their extensions, focusing on the quality of Beauty Works hair. You can find any length to fit your desired style, from subtle 14” to showstopping 26” hair extensions 

With 40+ color options to choose from, pinpoint the perfect shade that flawlessly matches your natural hair. They offer a variety of hair extension styles, ranging from DIY (clip-in, ponytail) to professional (micro ring, weft, tape, pre-bonded) options. Our hair tapes are compatible with their tape-in hair extensions, which come in two different styles: Invisi Tape and Celebrity Choice Slimline Tape.   

With a proper maintenance routine, you can expect your hair extensions from Beauty Works to last up to nine months. Since their extensions are made with human hair, you can style and wash them as you would your natural hair. However, keep in mind that heat styling can damage and shorten the lifespan of your hair extensions. To prevent this, always use a hair protectant spray and the lowest heat setting when blow drying, curling, or straightening your extensions, and never exceed 350° F (or 180° C).   

Which Extension Tape Is Best for Beauty Works?

At Big Kizzy, we have a wide range of extension tape with options that work with many popular brands. If you have tape-in Beauty Works hair extensions, we have hair tape that’s compatible (and more affordable than their comparable hair tapes!). You can count on us for high-quality tape that makes application and reapplication a breeze.  

Try these replacement tape tabs for your hair extensions from Beauty Works: 

Regular Hold Double-Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs — These tabs strike the perfect balance between strength and durability for normal to thin hair types. With proper hair extension maintenance and care, this tape will last 5+ weeks before reapplication.  

Extra Hold Double-Sided Hair Extension Tape Tabs—This tape has a stronger adhesive for thicker hair types and can accommodate hair larger in quantity or diameter. As long as you keep up with your extension care routine, this tape can last 7+ weeks before reapplication.  

Extra Hold Single-Sided Hair Extension Replacement Tape Tabs – Single-sided tape is the best option for those with fine or thin hair! It allows you to use fewer wefts with hair extension applications. Less weight on those delicate strands makes all the difference (our blog on single-sided tape vs double-sided tape will provide more info!). You can expect this tape to last 7+ weeks with proper maintenance.   

Choose the extension tape based on your lifestyle, hair type, and how long you want to wear your hair extensions. You can’t go wrong with any of our hair tapes to match perfectly with your extensions—no matter the brand!  

The Top Products You Need for Hair Extensions 

When you first have your Beauty Works hair extensions applied, your hair has never looked better! But after a few weeks of wear, you’ll need to remove and reapply your hair extensions. Choosing the right hair extension replacement tape tabs will give you the best experience possible. You want your tape-in extensions to hold properly and stay put. It’s also important to have high-quality tape that won’t damage your strands when wearing. That’s why finding tape that’s compatible with your hair extensions is crucial! 

There’s no need to fret about your hair tape—Big Kizzy has tape that will work amazingly with your hair extensions. From Beauty Works and Bellami to Glam Seamless and Donna Bella, our tapes are compatible with all the hottest hair extension brands. Not only do we have tape that works with the top brands, but we also have remover solvents to match. And don’t forget our extension pliers to use as a tape-in sealing tool.  

Shop our website to find all of your extension care products and all of the above. Big Kizzy is your one-stop shop for everything extensions!