Can I Apply Tape In Extensions at Home?

Can I Apply Tape In Extensions at Home?

That feeling when you get new hair extensions just hits different! The added volume  and length can be achieved without having to grow your locks out or dream about having thicker tresses. Though some hair extensions require a salon visit, others can be done DIY-style at home! First, you’ll need to decide which type of hair extensions you want.   

There are several types of hair extensions to choose from:  

  • tape in extensions  
  • clip-in hair extensions  
  • band or Halo hair extensions  
  • bonded hair extensions  
  • micro ring or beaded weft hair extensions  

If you use clip-in hair extensions or band or Halo hair extensions, you can easily apply these at home as they clip right into your hair. For tape in extensions, bonded hair extensions, and micro ring hair or beaded weft extensions, they’re usually applied by a professional at a salon. However, some ambitious hair extension enthusiasts have opted to apply and remove their tape-in extensions at home.   

Are you looking to apply tape in extensions at home? We’ve got the hair extension productsyou need at Big Kizzy for DIY tape in extensions! And if you’ve decided you want to find “salons that put in hair extensions near me,” we’ll help you find that too. Your hair extension obsession begins here!    

How to Apply Tape In Hair Extensions at Home  

While we recommend seeing your stylist for tape in extensions, we love a DIY queen! If you feel you’ve got the experience and skills to put in your tape in extensions at home—go for it! You can also search for “tape in hair extensions near me” to get them expertly applied by a salon professional. Whether you decide to trust the professionals or take matters into your own hands, we see a hair #glowup in the near future!  

With that being said, here’s how to apply tape in extensions yourself:  

  • Remove one hair tape tab from the sheet, being careful not to touch the adhesive side.  
  • Place and align the hair tape to a clean extension weft. 
  • Add the hair extension tape to all of the hair extension wefts before applying, or add each piece one by one with a tape tab as you go along.   
  • Gather a small section of hair to sandwich in between the wefts (too little can cause slipping, and too much won’t let the wefts adhere properly.)  
  • When you’re ready to apply the tape in extensions to the hair, remove the paper liner from the re-tabbed extension. 
  • Create your first tape in extension sandwich by placing the portion of hair you just sectioned in between the two wefts. Make sure the two wefts are properly aligned so no adhesive is exposed.  
  • Use hair extension pliers or our tape in applicator tool to secure the adhesives to remove air bubbles and prevent slippage.  
  • Follow the same process as you apply the rest of your extension wefts.  
  • Wait at least 48 hours before washing your tape in extensions hair (and be extra gentle the first time you do after application.)   

More of a visual learner? Check out our step-by-step video below: 

The Best Products for DIY Tape In Extensions 

Now that you know how to apply your own tape in extensions hair, you need the best products for your application (and eventually the removal!). Our Extra Hold Double Sided Tape Tabs + Remover 1 Bundle will help make your tape-in extension application and removal a breeze. It’s compatible with most extension brands and includes our top-selling hair extension replacement tape and remover solvent.  

Big Kizzy Tape in Hair Extension Remover 1 & Extra Hold Tape

How Do I Find a Hair Extensions Salon Near Me?  

If you would rather have a professional apply tape in extensions for you, it’s time to look for a hair salon that offers that service! Whether you’re new to hair extensions or don’t want to DIY tape in extensions, you can find a specialist to apply them for you. The first step is finding a stylist who has experience with tape in extensions 

Start by searching for the best hair extension salons and stylists, here are some of our search suggestions:    

  • hair extensions salon near me  
  • hair extensions stores near me  
  • hair extensions near me  
  • tape in hair extensions near me  
  • clip in hair extensions near me  
  • salons that do hair extensions near me  
  • salons that put in hair extensions near me  
  • hair cutter near me  
  • hairstylist near me  

Make your appointment to ensure you’ll have perfectly applied extensions by a stylist who has experience with hair extensions.   

Take Care of Your New Tape In Extensions 

Whether you decide to apply tape in extensions yourself or enlist the help of a professional, you’ll need to create a haircare routine for your new tresses! From washing and conditioning to styling, find everything you need and more from Big Kizzy. Our products are specially formulated to be gentle on hair extensions for long-lasting results. Head to our websiteto stock up on all of the essentials for your hair extensions!