The Best Hair Extension Beads for Wefts

The Best Hair Extension Beads for Wefts

There’s nothing like having hair that’s full, long, and fabulous! With bead weft hair extensions, you can unlock your hair’s full potential to look and feel its best. Forget about waiting forever for hair to grow or wishing for thicker strands. Beaded weft extensions are one of the most popular methods for gorgeous locks. 

Maybe you’re a stylist who wants to find the best hair extension beads for your clients. Or, if you’re a DIY hair extension expert, you might want these beads for your own hair. No matter which scenario you fall into, beaded wefts hair extensions are an excellent choice! But first, you need to stock up on the beads. 

Over here at Big Kizzy, we always recommend using silicone beads for applying hair extensions using beads. First let’s cover more details about what beaded weft hair extensions are. Then, we’ll get into why we love silicone beads and think they’re the absolute best for wefts. Here’s everything you need to know from our weft extension experts!   

What Are Bead Weft Hair Extensions? 

When researching beaded weft hair extensions, you’ll likely see them called NBR, IBE, invisible beaded row, or hidden beaded row extensions. All of these methods use tiny beads to hold the natural hair together with the extension wefts. The beads are then hidden underneath layers of hair, so they’re undetectable when applied. A professional stylist will typically apply these extensions, with an appointment of two to four hours for the entire process.   

Why Use Silicone-Lined Beaded Wefts Hair Extensions

Our team of hair professionals at Big Kizzy swears by silicone beads (and that’s why they’re the only type we carry!). They’re suitable for any hair type and come in a range of colors to blend seamlessly with natural hair.  

Here are some of the main benefits of using silicone hair extension beads:  

Prevents Slippage  

When you get your hair extensions applied, the last thing you want is slippage! This is when the extensions come loose from the bead and slip out. You might notice it when you’re styling or brushing your hair, or it could just slip out on its own. When applied correctly and sealed with hair extension pliers, silicone beads stay securely in place as they effectively grip the hair.   

Reduces Friction 

While the silicone prevents slippage, it also helps to reduce friction in the hair. Silicone is gentle on delicate strands and acts as a protective barrier between the natural hair and extensions. For anyone looking for a damage-free hair extension option, bead weft hair extensions using silicone beads are a great option. These beads, in particular, put less strain on the hair to prevent friction and damage.  


Compared to other bead options, such as grooved or flare beads, silicone beads don’t need to be replaced as often. This is because silicone beads are much more durable and don’t wear down as quickly or break as easily.   

Easy Application  

Silicone beads are easy to apply and remove, with easy maintenance and minimal upkeep! Depending on how fast the hair grows, beaded extensions only need to be removed and reapplied every six to eight weeks. Removal is a breeze without any tape or glue used for beads, so you won’t have to worry about removers or residue.  

If you want comfortable, secure, and natural-looking bead weft hair extensions, silicone beads should be your top choice. Once you try them, there’s no looking back when you experience the difference!  

Apply Weft Hair Extensions Using Beads by Big Kizzy  

Beaded weft extensions are one of the best methods for a comfortable and beautiful blend into the hair. When applying these extensions, you’ll need to stock up on the best beads, aka silicone-lined beads! These professional-quality beads are easy to apply and ideal for reducing friction and preventing slippage. You can expect a secure yet gentle fit that’s non-damaging to the extensions and natural hair.  

When it comes to the best hair extension beads for wefts, you can’t go wrong with our silicone beads! At Big Kizzy, we offer the best silicone-lined beads for bead weft hair extensions. Our premium-quality 5mm beads create a non-slip foundation for weft applications and reapplications. They come in six colors (light blonde, blonde, light brown, brown, black, and burgundy) and quantities of 250 or 1,000 beads. These beads are suitable for all hair extension brands and weft types, including hand-tied, machine-made, and hybrid.  

Visit our website to shop our beads and all of your hair extension essentials, such as hair tape, removers, tools, and more!