You Can't Have Long Hair After 40

You Can't Have Long Hair After 40

Trigger warning : This article contains the “F” word. Forty. And maybe eve the word Fifty a few times so brace yourself.

I’m not sure when and how or who decreed that women over forty must wear their hair short but it did happen. I’m not crazy. And this belief is echoed every time a woman in her middle age, the silver age I like to say, sits in my chair and says “Chop it off”! I’m a good hair stylist, an incredible one in fact, so I oblige.

I mean I make them good so who’s complaining but I got to thinking one day...what is it with this trend? Do these women know there are other ways to wear your hair in your forties and fifties and sixties and so on and so on? Well, I’m here to help guide you on your transition into embracing long locks.

To begin, let’s start where others have began. Deborah Boland of “Fabulous After 40” wrote about this very thing. I appreciate Deborah starting this conversation and there are some noteworthy tips hidden in her post but the blog, overall, seems to perpetuate this myth that a bob is best for our mature sisters.

Now, let’s explore a new frontier...wearing long hair!

First, and this goes for ANY hairstyle, make sure YOU are wearing your hair and not the other way around.

Secondly, short hair may be your best friend but before you put a friendship ring on that follicle, try some length. And with advances in modern hair technology and extensions you don’t have to live with this blind date a lifetime. Try some hair extensions to experience how you look and feel with luscious locks. The great thing about extensions is it can answer not only your long hair questions but your FULL hair questions as well. Extensions not only expand your length they explode your volume as well. They are also not a full commitment so after 6-8 weeks if you learn long locks are not your lover, kick them to curb (they have no feelings after all) and bob it up!

And lastly, If you’re reading this BEFORE you’ve given your hair the chop, talk to your hairstylist. I hope by now you have a stylist you trust and rely on for a great stylist is right up there with a great gynecologist and a dynamic dentist. Talk to them about how to wear your hair as you embrace your wisdom and freedom. They will make sure your new style matches your lifestyle.

At the end of the day you know the look and style you want and you should embrace what really speaks to you regardless of what you read and what you hear. Follow your own path but remember a great stylist and a great blog about hair can help guide you on that journey!


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