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    Extensions Color & Keratin Beauty Blog — Hair Extensions Tape

    Why Do Tape Extensions Slip?

    Why do tape extensions slip?

    Tape hair extensions are so easy to apply that they are actually kind of hard. The actual process is very straightforward, however, there are several little things that often get overlooked that can really affect how long tape in hair extensions last.

    What if I told you that you could prevent 99% hair extension mishaps? At Big Kizzy we have over 25 years of combined experience educating salons on hair extensions. We believe KNOWLEDGE can empower you to not make mistakes. Here are a few tips to help identify and alleviate tape hair extensions from slipping.

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    How to Choose Best Extensions Tape for Your Hair Type & Lifestyle

    Best Extensions Tape for Your Hair Type

    Don’t be EXTRA! Use the Right Tape for Your Hair & Lifestyle

    Why do we offer more than one type of hair extension tape? Because, neither you or your hair is one size fits all.

    A common mistake that people make when choosing hair extension tape is going with the Extra Hold Tape instead of the Regular Hold Tape. Stronger isn’t always better.

    Picking the best hair extension tape is like picking the right hair care for your hair type. Some women have thicker hair and need a one thing and and others have thin fine hair  need the exact opposite. The same thing applies to the tape you use for your tape extension application.

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    Troubleshooting Common Extension Tape Problems

    Troubleshooting Common Tape Extension Problems
    Early on Christopher Box, the stylist behind Big Kizzy Hair, realized that  hair extension tape was not a one size fits all product. Some people need a little bit, well, extra...

    He created an extension tape with a stronger & longer hold to keep up with his "EXTRA" clients.  

    After literally thousands of applications and almost 10 years of owning an extension focus salon, Christopher decided to create Big Kizzy Hair and share his extension secrets.

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