BELLAMI Professional Extension Tools

A Better Alternative for BELLAMI Professional Extension Tools

Calling all stylists and hair extension DIY pros who use BELLAMI Professional hair. What if we told you that we could provide the same (or better!) quality of BELLAMI Professional extension tools at a more affordable price point? We know how popular BELLAMI Professional hair extensions and the accessories that go with them are. But sometimes, buying all of the same branded items can get a bit too expensive.  

From hair tape and removers to silicone beads and nylon thread, it definitely starts to add up! Especially if you’re a professional stylist and need to buy items in bulk for your clients. That’s why we knew we could do better! At Big Kizzy, we’re on a mission to create the best hair extension tools and products that can be used with a wide range of extension brands (including BELLAMI Professional extensions!).  

Want to learn more? We’ll give you a brief overview of BELLAMI and what they offer. Then we’ll give you our alternative options to their professional line of products. Find everything you need with us, you’ll be glad you did!  

All About BELLAMI Professional Hair Extensions  

Whether you’ve been doing hair extensions for a long time or are new to them, you’ve probably heard of BELLAMI hair extensions. It’s important to note that there are two different categories here: the original BELLAMI extensions for consumers and then the BELLAMI Professional line of products for stylists. The BELLAMI Professional hair methods include sew-in weft, beaded weft, keratin tip, and tape-in.  

BELLAMI Professional hair extensions specializes in salon-quality premium 100% Remy human hair. The professional line has 14” to 24” lengths and a lifespan of 6 to 12 months, along with a 3-month warranty. You won’t have any trouble color-matching clients with 50+ shades ranging from blonde to brown and everything in between. Once you stock up on hair extensions, you’ll need all of the tools and accessories for application and removal. That’s where Big Kizzy comes in!  

The Best Options Comparable to BELLAMI Professional Hair Tools  

Model Wearing Tape Extensions Showcasing Pro Remover Spray

As a hair extension stylist, it’s so important to always have all the products you need on hand for your clients. You want to deliver the best results possible to keep your clients raving about your skills, right? Now, you just need the right tools to make it happen! We’ve rounded up all of our top products that are comparable to the BELLAMI Professional line for your next extension client.   

Whether you’re working with tape-in or weft extensions, find all of the essentials here:   

Pro Hold™ Double Sided Hair Tape 

Pro Hold Double Sided Tape Extension Tabs

Our Pro Hold™ Double Sided tape is the standard go-to for BELLAMI Professional hair extensions suitable for all hair types. With a flexible yet strong hold, this tape will hold for 5 to 7+ weeks before your client needs a reapplication.  

Pro Hold™ Single Sided Hair Tape  

Pro Hold Single Sided Tape Extension Tabs

Do you have a client with thin or fine hair? Pro Hold™ Single Sided is the single-sided version of our BELLAMI Professional comparable tape. That way, you can use half the number of wefts to put less weight on the hair. These tabs last as long as the double-sided version, at 5 to 7+ weeks.   

Pro Remover™ Tape In & Keratin Extension Remover 

Pro Remover Tape In & Keratin Extension Remover

Comparable to BELLAMI Professional hair extension remover,  our Pro Remover™  is a must for all salon professionals! This alcohol-based remover dissolves adhesive for a quick and mess-free removal.   

Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions  

Brown Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions

Our 5mm Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions provide a safe and secure fit with a non-slip foundation. These silicone-lined beads are gentle on the hair and work with any of the BELLAMI Professional weft extensions.   

Nylon Thread for Weft Extensions  

Black Nylon Thread for Weft Extensions

Our lightweight yet strong Nylon Thread for Weft Extensions creates a non-slip stitch, ideal for applying BELLAMI sew-in weft extensions.  The Nylon Thread is compatible with machine weft, hand-tied weft, or hybrid weft extensions.  

Hair Extension Pliers  

Big Kizzy Hair Extension Pliers
Our professional extension pliers are a must-have tool for BELLAMI beaded weft extensions. They’re specially designed to firmly and evenly close hair extension beads to prevent slippage or damage.

Claw Pliers  

Big Kizzy Claw Pliers

Ready to remove BELLAMI beaded weft extensions? For a non-damaging and seamless removal process, these premium-quality claw pliers loosen and open beads with ease!

Enhance Your Professional Hair Extension Experience with Big Kizzy  

Client satisfaction is the number one priority as a stylist. You want them to absolutely love their hair! As you put your craft and dedication into the final look, you should have the right products that help make your job easier. If you’re using BELLAMI Professional extensions or products (and other popular brands!), you can count on Big Kizzy to have all of the comparable accessories to match! Visit our website to stock up on everything you need for your next hair extension appointment.