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    Top 3 Halloween Haircare Tips to Protect Your Hair

    Halloween hair care tips

    Tis the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice, elaborate costumes, and all things spooktacular. If you're like me Kizzys, you love to go all out on your costume and no costume is complete without amazing hair to go along.

    I'm going to give you some hair do’s and don’ts to complete your costume without damaging your hair this Halloween.

    1. Avoid products that aren't safe for your hair.

    One night of fun is definitely not worth jeopardizing your locks. Make sure your products are safe and made with the purpose of styling for Halloween. Also, limit the use of heat tools and use salon professional products to protect your hair! Hint Hint-like Big Kizzy!

    2. Go easy with your products.

    You've heard it before-less is more. If your look requires hairspray, color, or any other product, make sure not to overdo it. A practice run of your intended look will help save you time, see what works and doesn't work, and if you need any other tools or products before all your spooky parties.

    3. Don't go to bed with Halloween hair.

    GIRL!!! It doesn’t matter how late you get home: Comb out your hair, then make sure you shampoo and condition. Leaving product in overnight may cause damage. I know, I know you are going to be tired, however this will help you avoid gnarly tangles, color bleed on your pillow and DAMAGE. Our Thairapy deep conditioning mask for $5 will definitely help you to avoid any damage. 

    So that's it Kizzys! Stay Spooky and Safe,



    How to Protect Your Hair From Sun Damage

    Sunscreen for your hair

    Ahhhhhh at last Summer 2021. It’s time to soak up the sun at the pool or at the beach if you’re lucky.  Most of you know that includes making sure you use sunscreen, so that you protect your skin. 

    However, did you know that your hair ages a lot like your skin and can also be damaged by the sun too?  If your hair has prolonged exposure to the sun, UVA and UVB rays can severely damage it. Some of the signs that hair has been damaged by the sun are dry and brittle texture, discoloration, split ends, and frizziness.  Hair that is overly dry will be unmanageable and won’t hold curl. 

    Crazy little fact-Sun exposure is the equivalent of un-managed  bleach on your hair and all hair types are prone to sun damage!

    However, thin fine light colored hair  (all you blondes) are even more susceptible to sun damage. Why? The hair lacks the thickness and pigment to protect itself. 

    Here are a few things you can do to minimize damage and protect your hair.

    1. Wear a hat or a cute scarf! Another perfect excuse to flaunt your style with either a wide brimmed hat or go full on retro chic hippie with a floral print head scarf
    2. Hide under an umbrella  OR…...
    3. Use a sunscreen that is safe for your hair and won’t discolor your extensions

    Here is the perfect prescription for protecting your hair this summer

    PREVENT- First, mist or wet your hair to help prevent absorption of harmful chemicals or salt water.

    TREAT- Next apply the right amount of Split Personality Keratin Serum from mid to ends. Typically a quarter size amount will do the job on medium to long hair.

    UV PROTECTION- Lastly use the Happy Hour Dry Conditioner. Spray from mid to ends if you are wearing extensions or root to tip if you are not. Then pull your hair up into a loose bun. 

    Three quick and easy steps to make sure you are protecting your hair this summer. Trust us your hair will thank you for it!

    See ya on the flipside Kizzys.


    3 Removers for Tape in Extensions? Here's the Scoop.

    3 Removers for Tape in Extensions? Here's the Scoop.

    The great thing about tape in hair extensions is that they're reusable and the not so great thing about tape in hair extensions, is that their reusuable.

    If you're confused that's ok. Let me clarify. If you've had tape ins you know, whether you're a hairstylist or a wearer, that the residue that is sometimes left in the hair can be completely stubborn and umanangeable. 

    I have done over 2,500 tape in hair extension applications and removals myself, and I have seen some unbeweavable things. 

    The severity of how much residue that is left in the natural hair can be due to a variety of reasons.

    1. Buying tape from a company that doesn't actually use their own tape on the daily or they are new to the extension game and they don't really know what they are doing. 
    2. You bought the right tape for the wrong hair type.
    3. You have been wearing your tape in hair extensions too long.

    Regardless, we got you covered. Most hair extension companies offer 1 or 2 removers and depending upon their formulation, you may find yourself just using their alcohol based remover. The problem with that is, it doesn't really address the issue of residue. 

    Here's why Big Kizzy offers not 1, not 2 but 3 diffrent removers to address the stubborn residue you are having trouble with. 

    1. Removal: Start with Remover 1. Spray onto the tape sandwich. Make sure the nozzle is touching the panels as you spray. Next, insert a metal tipped comb between the two panels, and move back & forth. Spray again, then gently remove the panel from the natural hair. If you meet any resistance spray more of your Remover 1. If you have done these steps correctly you should not feel any discomfort during this process.
    2. Residue Removal: Spray Remover 2 onto residue that is left behind on the natural hair. Take your tail comb and comb down and scoop out to remove any chunks of residue of the hair. I really like remover 2 because it's light and not heavy like most secondary removers. It has jojoba, safflower & vitamin e oils. I never use Remover 2 to take the actual hair extensions out.


    Some times even after you do Step 1 and 2 there is still residue in the hair.. Typically that happens when you've worn the extensions for too long and your hair has literally absorbed the tape. That's where Remover 3 will make your life soooo much easier. 

    Just so you know, before I tell you how to use Remover 3, their's a really easy test you can do before you start the removal process to see if you will even need it. It's called "The Slip and Slide Test." Gently hold your tape in panel and if you can move it around pretty easily, aka slip and slide, then you are going to need Remover 3.

    Remover 3 is step 3 in this process. By now,you have already removed your extensions and removed most of the residue.

    So here's how you use it:

    So now you spray Remover 3 generously from Root to Ends. Comb from root to ends and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Rinse hair apply your favorite conditioner from root to ends and let it sit for 5 minutes then comb again from roots to ends. Rinse and use a clarifying shampoo and prep for reapplication.

    Having tape in hair extensions shouldn't have to be a frustrating experience for you whether you're the wearer or the stylist performing the service. When in doubt ask an expert a.k.a. ME! Give me a buzz at 214-614-2442.

    See ya on the flip side Kizzys!








    Full And Thickening Treatment aka F.A.T.T Shampoo and Conditioner

    Full And Thickening Treatment F.A.T.T

    I mean the name says it all- Full And Thickening Treatment aka F.A.T.T. for short.

    FATT Shampoo and Conditioner is designed for fragile colored hair and the unique needs of extensions, color & keratin treatments.

    Ok, so we’re going to take a minute to geek out here and share the science behind why F.A.T.T. works INCREDIBLY well.

    Get your lab coat and goggles ready because here we go in 3…2…1..

    F.A.T.T. Shampoo has a blend of 7 ingredients that make this formulation AMAZEBALLS, but for the sake of time, we will get to the point with 2 of our favorite ingredients.

    1.   So our first favorite ingredient is Biotin or also known as B5. Biotin belongs to the B-vitamin family. You can take biotin as a supplement to improve nail, skin, and hair health. But did you know studies show it might be more beneficial to apply it directly to your hair to improve the overall health and strength of your hair and even help speed up growth?
    2. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (phew say that 5 times in a row) contains proteolytic enzymes which repair dead skin cells on the scalp. It also acts as a great conditioner and leaves your hair all smooth and shiny. Aloe juice contains minerals that help heal scalp, add sheen, luster and shine while fighting frizz and restoring hair back to proper health.


    F.A.T.T. is also great for color-treated hair and a range of hair types and textures, from straight to curly hair. Just check out this pic of Annia- a Big Kizzy customer and HUGE FAN….

    P.S. If you want to finish geeking out and learn about all the ingredients F.A.T.T. contains click here

    See ya on the flip side Kizzys