Silicone Beads for Hair Extensions

Silicone Beads for Hair Extensions: A Buying Guide

Who else loves beaded weft extensions? This is one of our favorite types of hair extensions! If you’re new to the beaded weft hair extension method, you’ll love the natural and flawless blend these provide. Using silicone beads for hair extension application means they’re gentle on the hair, easy to maintain, and require minimal upkeep.  

Are you a stylist in need of the best silicone beads for your next client? Or are you looking to get beaded weft extensions for your own hair? If you’re curious about where to buy silicone hair beads, look no further than Big Kizzy! We’ll let you in on all of the details about our silicone beads for hair extensions, plus tips on how to use them. Your ultimate bead-buying guide is here!  

What Are Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions? Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions - 250 Beads

Beaded weft extensions (also referred to as NBR, IBE, hidden beaded row, invisible beaded row, or micro-link) are applied using tiny beads or links to hold the natural hair and wefts together in small sections. The beads remain undetectable in the hair as they’re hidden under layers of natural hair. Several different types of beads are used for beaded weft extensions, but we swear by silicone beads, which is why they’re the only type we carry! 

Silicone beads for hair extensions are made of lightweight aluminum with a soft silicone layer inside. They can be used for any hair type and come in a range of colors to blend seamlessly with natural hair. We love that the silicone is gentle on the hair while also providing a secure grip to hold the extensions securely in place. They help to prevent slippage and reduce friction, which means longer-lasting extensions without damaging your natural strands.  

Next, we’ll give you a better idea of how these beads work when applying hair extensions!  

How Do You Use Silicone Beads for Hair Extension Application? 

Model Wearing Weft Extensions Mid Application

These silicone beads are small but mighty! They hold hair extensions in place with ease for gorgeous volume and lengthy locks. If you’ve never applied or had beaded weft extensions before, you’re probably wondering exactly how they work.  

Here's a quick overview of the silicone beads for hair extension application process: 

  • The hair is sectioned and parted horizontally, which is where the extensions will be applied.  
  • A small section of the natural hair is threaded through the silicone bead typically with a Loop Tool, which makes the process easier and quicker. 
  • A tool such as our Extension Pliers are used to place and seal the beads for a secure application. 
  • Then, a hair extension weft is sewn onto the beaded row using thread (check out our Nylon Thread) and Weaving Needles
  • These steps are repeated across the horizontal row evenly around the sides and back of the head. 
  • Depending on the thickness and length desired, you can opt for one or two horizontal rows of hair extensions.  

How To Use and Install Big Kizzy Silicone Beads

How To Use and Install Big Kizzy Silicone Beads

Now that you have a general idea of how silicone beads are used, let’s go over which ones you need for application!  

Which Silicone Hair Beads Do I Need? 

For the best application possible, you’ll need high-quality beads that provide a safe and secure fit with a non-slip foundation. Our 5mm Silicone Beads for Weft Extensions for beaded weft hair extensions won’t disappoint! You can use these silicone-lined beads with machine-made, hand-tied, or hybrid wefts. They’re also compatible with all of the most popular hair extension brands on the market.   

Find your perfect color match with six colors to choose from: Light Blonde, Blonde, Light Brown, Brown, Black, and Burgundy. While the beads are hidden underneath layers of hair, choosing a color that most closely matches the natural hair will help them blend in seamlessly. Once you select your color, we have two different packs available: a 250-count or 1000-count pack.   

Hair Extension Tools That Make Your Life Easier  

The hair magic that extensions can achieve is next level! We love that beaded weft extensions are a low-maintenance option that can glow up any head of hair. Our silicone beads for hair extensions are lightweight and securely hold the extensions in place. With a range of colors available, choose the silicone beads that best blend with your natural hair.  

Do you work with or use other types of hair extensions? We also have the best tools and accessories for tape-in extensions and sew-in weft! And don’t forget to grab all of the extension-friendly hair care products to maintain those beautiful tresses. Shop now to find everything you need at Big Kizzy!