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Remover 1 & 2: Tape Extension & Residue Remover Bundle


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We all know the feeling of loving tape in hair extensions, until its' time there is residue left behind after removal. That's why we created this bundle: one remover to remover the tape in extensions, and one remover to remove the sticky residue. By combining our Remover 1 and Remover 2, removing extensions and residue has never been easier.

Remover 1: Tape Remover

Remover 2: Residue Remover


    Remover 1 | Release & Reuse: Isoporopanol, essential oils, fragrance- Ultra purified isopropanol, wetting agents, fragrance

    Remover 2 | Remove & Residue: Hydrocarbon solvent with added fragrance
    Organic hydrocarbon solvent with added fragrance

    HOW TO
    • STEP 1: Ensure clients arrive for their appointment with clean dry hair.
    • STEP 2: Spray Remover 1: Release & Reuse just on top of the tape extension and allow the spray to drip down into the extension. Insert a metal tipped comb between the two extension pieces, and move slowly from side to side. Spray again, and wait 30 seconds.
    • STEP 3: Remove the extension from hair. Repeat on all extensions. Be sure to keep extensions in an organized manner and in their correct placements by using a board.
    • STEP 4: Spray Remover 2: Remove & Residue onto the area of the hair that contains residue and comb in a downward direction to remove residue. Repeat for all areas with residue.
    • STEP 5: Shampoo hair one to two times, preferably a clarifying shampoo, to fully clean hair and remove oil.
    • STEP 6: Condition and rinse hair to prepare for reapplication.
    • STEP 7: Once you are ready for reapplication, follow reapplication instructions found on Extra Hold Tape Tabs or Regular Hold Tape Tabs pages.
      *We do not recommend using Remover 2 on the extensions themselves. If you do, be sure to wash the extensions before reapplication.

    *For excessive sticky tape residue, use Tape Hair Extension Remover 3 | Recon & Residue.


    Remover 1 | Release & Reuse is an alcohol based, oil free, tape in remover spray that neutralizes the adhesive of the tape so it can be removed cleanly and in one piece. Remover 1 is infused with an invigorating spa scent and does not leave an oily residue.

    Remover 2 | Remove & Residue is an oil based tape hair extension remover designed to remove any sticky residue often left behind in the hair when removing tape hair extensions.

    Remover 1 & 2: Tape Extension & Residue Remover Bundle
    Remover 1 & 2: Tape Extension & Residue Remover Bundle
    Remover 1 & 2: Tape Extension & Residue Remover Bundle
    Tape Hair Extension Remover for Removal & Adhesive Residue 2
    Tape Hair Extension Remover for Removal & Adhesive Residue 3
    Tape Hair Extension Remover for Removal & Adhesive Residue 4

    How To

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