How to Find the Best Hair Extension Stylist Near Me

How to Find the Best Hair Extension Stylist Near Me

Have you decided to get hair extensions? So exciting! Soon you’ll have gorgeous long locks with fullness to match. But if you’re going with a hair extension method that requires a hair extension stylist, you’ve probably already searched for a “hair extension stylist near me.” But how do you know which hair extension stylist to go with?  

At Big Kizzy, we know that the hair extension stylist you choose is a pretty big decision! Hair extensions, once applied, can stay in your hair for anywhere from four to eight weeks at a time (when you use the best hair extension products!). You want your hair investment to last and look fab too! We’ll help you walk through the process as you search for a hair extension salon near me. May the best hair extension stylist win!  

Find a Hair Extension Stylist for Your Hair Needs  

Looking for tips on how to find the best hair stylist? Ask the right questions! Knowing what type of hair extension you want is the first step. The next step is to do your research! As you search for “hair extension stylist near me” or “hair extension salon near me,” you’ll likely have quite a few results to sort through. This is when you need to filter through to find the best stylist for your specific hair needs!  

Find the answers to these questions during your search for a hair extension stylist

What Type of Hair Extensions Do They Specialize in?  

Do you want to get tape-in hair extensions? Or maybe you want beaded weft extensions? Not all hair extension stylists specialize in each technique. As you look more into the different salons and stylists near you, see which ones have the most experience in the hair extension method you want. Specific methods may require additional certifications or courses to be able to offer those hair extension services. See if this information is listed on their website or social media; if not, you can contact them to find out.   

Do They Have Any Before and After Photos?  

See if the hair extension stylist or the salon has a website or social media account. This is generally where you can find before and after photos or videos. Being able to see how the hair extensions turn out will help you decide if you want to go with that specific hair extension stylist. If you don’t see any with a quick search, you can always try to reach out and ask for their portfolio link if they have one. If they can’t show you any of their work, that might be a red flag and your sign to keep looking for another ” hair extension stylist near me.” 


Are There Any Reviews or Testimonials Available?  

It’s one thing to see their best before and after photos, but what about reviews and testimonials from their actual clients? Remember that sometimes bad reviews should be taken with a grain of salt. People rarely leave positive reviews unless they’re really wowed, so keep that in mind too. Website testimonials or videos on their socials from past clients are a great way to see what they loved about the hair extension stylist and how their hair turned out.    

How Much Do They Charge for Their Services?  

When searching for a “hair extension salon near me,” try to find a pricing list for their services on their website. For one, you don’t want any surprises at the end of your appointment. And secondly, it’s a good idea to check prices for a few different salons and stylists in your area for comparison. Some stylists and salons have their services listed but without prices. Usually, this is a sign that it’s going to be more expensive; you can always email or call to find out for sure before you decide. Full transparency on their pricing is something to look for with a reputable salon or hair extension stylist.  

What Is Their Availability and Schedule?  

Before choosing a specific salon or hair extension stylist, make sure they can accommodate your schedule. If you need to go on a weekend and they’re booked up for the next couple of months, you can have an issue there. Maybe you work during the week and need a salon that stays open later than others. Some professional stylists who don’t work in a salon might have a more flexible schedule. It all depends on if you have a specific timeframe you want your extensions by (maybe you have a special event or vacation you want your hair done for!). After you narrow down your top few stylists, make your final decision based on what works best for you.   

Once you find a “hair extension stylist near me” that fits all of the criteria, it’s time to book that appointment! Keep your hair looking fresh and beautiful from the salon by keeping up with a maintenance routine. Find everything you need with Big Kizzy extension-safe hair care products!