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    5 Reasons to Love Thick Chick Volumizing Foam!

    Thick Chick Volumizing Foam
    I’ve tried DOZENS of volumizers. Foams, sprays, sprinkles, you name it…. Most of the products that deliver high powered lift also deliver high powered sticky icky, or create a weird waxy coating that flakes off and looks like dandruff or dry scalp- so not the case with Thick Chick. My hair is touchable, moves like normal hair, and doesn’t feel sticky or gross at all. I know this can be a concern, especially when you have extremely fine or thin hair, and I would recommend this volumizer whether you have 2 hairs or 2 heads of hair.  

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    Blending and Styling Extensions | Thick Chick Can Help

    Blending and Styling Extensions | Thick Chick Can Help
    When veteran hair extension expert/entrepreneur/inventor/artist Christopher Box created Thick Chick Volumizing Foam it was because while doing extensions behind the chair at one of the many salons he’s opened he noticed that no matter how well the extensions were made, how well they were cut to blend…there was always a “weight” or density difference.

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